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Combining power, performance and ready to use, Tactic! Editor is the course creating tool that will enable you to quickly produce working quality interactive multimedia courses.

Offering large functionalities, it allows for its thousands of users around the world to create training content in a split second and to update attracting and interactive customized eLearning courses. With Tactic! Editor, an expert does not have to learn about Flash or rely on the services of a professional multimedia developer. Tactic! Editor makes online training accessible to all.

User-friendly, but nonetheless powerful, it integrates and synchronizes images, sounds, videos and multimedia animations to design complete and efficient interactive training paths

Why should you choose Tactic! Editor?

It is simple to use:

  • Fast empowerment through a user-friendly interface and logical multimedia courses development process
  • Six-step methodology:
    • Choice of a graphic theme among the offered and customizable patterns
    • Course structure using offered and customizable patterns
    • Add documents with offered and customizable patterns
    • Add media through a media bank in accordance with the business sector and the infinite media research with the help of partners
    • Integrated validation tool on the course integrity
    • Publication in HTML (AICC/SCORM) or CD-ROM format
  • Accelerated online course creation process thanks to the many available templates:
    • Course interfaces (choice of customizable graphic themes)
    • Predefined teaching activity (over 60 templates)
    • Large selection of predefined exercises
    • Image and animation bank
    • Creation and re-use of your own templates

Benefit from multimedia affluence and power:

  • Synchronize several type of medias (videos, sounds, images, animations, etc.)
  • Easy integration/re-use of existing resources (Word, PowerPoint, PDF, XML,
    Excel, etc.)
  • Imposing multimedia objects bank
  • Innovative media objects management tool
  • Page layout and standards definition
  • Visualization of the final online course rendering – WYSIWYG environment
  • Adjustable and reusable exercise bank
  • Creation of exercises with feedback, maximum response time, random or skill-based scroll mode, results monitoring, etc.
  • Professional graphic environment

Integrated educational coaching

Publication modes:

  • Compliant with the AICC and SCORM standards
  • Course publication on the Internet, on CD-ROM or on LMS proprietary platform (intranet)
  • Print course content on paper


  • Identified as the best rapid development software by several professional entities
  • Tested technology – several thousands of users… not many companies can say as much

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